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Times can be tough in Apollo Bay come winter. When the mornings are chilly and its a long distant memory when summer actually was with how early darkness falls as of late.

Your friends are away on overseas trips and it not looking like you will be joining them - what is there to do in Apollo Bay?

You can light the fire and watch Netflix until you have no series left or start kicking your own butt and get into shape before anyone else catches onto the idea.

With July starting next week, that means spring is a measly 8 weeks away!

You don't have to go out guns blazing to achieve your results. A health and fitness regime of 3 sessions a week will absolutely get you there.

A lot of our members have expressed that The Gym Apollo Bay is a great escape in winter when there isn't really a lot else to do. Allowing 24/7 access to members, it caters for any busy schedule.

If you need something fast to inspire you for the next 4 weeks, look at our July Challenge or contact us at the gym for more information.

Ask yourself - what is your health & fitness goal?

If you achieved that, what would it mean to you?

Let us help you get there!

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