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Dealing with COVID-19 Anxiety

Dear all, with the growing coronavirus tensions across the globe, it is important more than ever to keep our wellness practices the most!

While drinking my coffee this morning I was reading about a leading medical school in the US, that has urged all students to perform Yoga to fight against the deadly virus. The Harvard Medical School has recommended yoga, meditation and controlled breathing to deal with COVID anxiety, believing that it can lower the risk of coronavirus disease. As you might know already, Yoga is NOT just bending your body and doing physical exercise, but it can help regulate your physical, emotional and mental state on a very deep level. It reduces stress hormones that compromise the immune system, lowers blood pressure, and improves lung capacity. Most importantly I would like to remind you all the importance of the breath over anything else in the Yoga practice , especially during these challenging times. Even 10 minutes a day of conscious breathing can have huge impact on your mental health! Connecting with your breath is firstly a method for being present. When you bring you awareness on each aspect of the breathing process, you drop deeply into present moment, letting go of the past and future. The present moment is the only thing we can have control over, the only thing that exists, and relaxing into it can be deeply beneficial. This is why breathing consciously is its own meditation. It can be of huge help to stay grounded in very uncertain times! By controlling and slowing down the breath we also calm the nervous system, bringing a relaxing and balancing effect on to our emotions. Fell free to reach out for any questions and support. Be well , breath deeply , and practice Yoga Ramona xx Ramona's next live Interactive session is Friday 27th at 5:30pm - 6:15pm. please visit www.thegymapollobay.com.au/classes and register a for your FREE session.

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