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Globber GO UP Deluxe Convertible Scooter -Teal

GLOBBER GO-UP DELUXE, All-in-one 3-wheel foldable scooter for toddlers 15m to 9+, TEAL


Globber is an award-winning brand, recognised for its innovative designs and unmatched functionality across its toddler range.   Globber was recently awarded the Most Innovative All-Ages Scooter Brand 2020 in the parents & baby category of UK LuxLife.


ALL-IN-ONE TODDLER SCOOTER WITH SEAT - Transform the toddler scooter from ride-on to walking bike to scooter, thanks to Globber’s innovative 100% tool-less design! Transform the scooter into all modes with a simple press of a button for kids aged 15m to 9+ (3+ for scooter mode). 


FOLDABLE 3-WHEEL KIDS SCOOTER -  3-wheel all-in-one foldable scooter for toddlers, thanks to Globber's patented folding mechanism, folding a scooter is fast & easy! With just a push of a button, you can easily fold up the scooter to carry it in trolley mode and conveniently store it away after playtime!


ADJUSTABLE SCOOTER WITH SEAT - 3-height adjustable soft seat, which moves upwards and backwards simultaneously, thanks to the seat support bar. GO-UP DELUXE also comes with a 4-height adjustable scooter T-bar with comfortable dual-colour TPR handlebar grips and an easy-to-use clamp.


ROBUST KIDS SCOOTER - Wide scooter deck with a reinforced metal body frame, supports up to 50kg, comes with an anti-slip deck design. The extra-large & wide integrated brake delivers brake efficiency and prolongs wheel longevity.


EASY-TO-LEARN SCOOTING - Patented steering lock button fixes the steering system of the two front wheels to only move forward & backward, helping your child learn to balance. Unlock the button to enable lean-to-steer riding.


Seat heights: 27 / 29 / 31cm from the ground to the top centre of the seat, T-bar heights: 67.5 / 72.5 / 77.5 / 82.5cm from the ground

Globber GO UP Deluxe Convertible Scooter -Teal

SKU: 644-105
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