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Globber SCOOTER BELL - Navy Blue Racing

GLOBBER Scooter Bell -  Navy Blue Racing

Globber is recognised for its pioneer and innovative patented designs & systems to deliver convenient, safe and high-quality scooters, balance bikes, tricycles and accessories!

The Globber bell is easy for little children to use, and emits a loud sound, perfect for alerting others of your presence.

  • Scooter bell designed to securely fit on a kid’s scooter T-bar to personalise and add fun to your child’s scooting experience.
  • Detachable scooter bell accessory made of child-safe materials: the outer shell is composed of iron steel, while its ringer is ABS plastic (phthalate-free).

Globber SCOOTER BELL - Navy Blue Racing

SKU: 533-100
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